Monday, 26 April 2010

like taking candy from a baby

So... isn't the world of gaming pretty fucked up?

Firstly, any old dumbass can start a blog spouting crap and so-called 'legitimate' gaming websites fall over themselves to cover it. I'm looking at you MaxConsole.

What's more, within the space of hours gaming forums are only too willing to perpetuate substance-less rubbish. Even the oh-so-precious NeoGaf with it's "I'm more hardcore than you" snobbery. 280 replies and 26,000 page views... Gee, thanks guys.

Seriously, I often wonder if 90% of the people on that site even know what 'preeminent' means? Especially when, of late, a quick run through the first page of Gaf is actually the same mix of bitching and N4G reposts you get on any other gaming forums.

Standards have fallen.

See ya.