Thursday, 24 July 2008

Insomniac feeling the heat

Frankly, I'd be worried too.

Insomniac is being put under increasing pressure by Sony to get more representative final-build quality assets of Resistance 2 out of the door.

Given the comparatively dull live demo of R2 at E3, hot on the heels of the ill-conceived GTTV gameplay reveal, who can blame them.?

Things are getting increasingly fraught for Insomniac who have twice now shown incomplete areas to the public right after Gears 2 has shown more polished builds. What's more, the studio is increasingly worried that it's multiplayer mode - which focuses on large scale battles over graphical might - isn't going to win over gamers when placed side by side with it's peers.

Insomniac can deliver - but Sony desperately needs this game to be a hit this winter when into launches right into the same time and space as Gears.